Korean Phila Times

Since 1999, the Korean Phila Times has seen the Korean-American
community go through tremendous change and has been a prominent
part of its preservation and development. The Korean Phila Times has
helped many Korean-Americans stay connected with Korea, build financial
ties between America and Korea, and develop social relationships around
the world. We are one of the oldest Korean American papers in the US.
Our paper adds to the countless literary opportunities that make a
difference in people’s lives. By using new and innovative ways
we will strive to keep the community informed and addressing the
problems that confront it.


Our main objective is to foster unity and pride within a community of
those who share a common heritage and bridge the divide that exists
between different cultures. We try and provide our readers with a way
of helping them stay connected with Korea while at the same time
building ties within their community. An equally important objective
lies with our advertisers. Our advertisers are the stronghold that
keeps ours newspaper running and striving to be the best at what we